Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hudson Baby Bourbon

By Matt Adams

Hudson Baby Bourbon:


Alright. I've been throwing this little bottle around in my head the past month and finally found a way to get one. I got a $50 debit card rebate in the mail for buying a new cell phone and used it to pick up this bad boy. Ha ha shit heads at the Verizon store, you thought I was going to come back there and get some stupid case for my phone with that debit card. Jokes on you.

Everywhere online I've been reading that Hudson Baby Bourbon is a good one and everyone was right. This whole trip is starting to become interesting. Once I got the damn thing open, the wax seal was out of control, I poured myself this complex little drink and could taste the oak it was cured in. I actually tasted WOOD! Not boner wood you jerk, wood from a tree. I'm going to come over there and beat your ass if you keep this up. It maintained its interest by staying smooth and kept giving me a sweet subtle caramel taste to it. It reminded me of wood shop, the smell of my wife's christmas cookies and a little man sitting on my shoulder named conscience telling me to archive this fucker into memory and pick it up again once you polish it off. 

Taste: Complex

Price: $45 -$50
Purchase Again: Yes